Rib Roast and a Food Industry Rant

Robb Wolf shared an interested article on Facebook today. I tend to stay away from this topic as I can get a *bit* carried away. However I saw this post today and while simple and relatively nondescript, it hits the nail on the head. So please excuse me while I take center stage here as this is something I am probably more passionate about than anything else.


LIFE OVERHAUL- how to cook with no spare time

Oh hey, Naked Kitchen Fans. I am fairly certain I made one of the numero uno mistakes of owning a blog: over-promising and under-delivering. Back when I finished my MBA I wrote a Love Letter basically promising that I would be posting again soon. 7 months later, HERE YA GO! Whoops.

Let me explain.


Love Letter

My Stove. Where the Magic Happens.
Dear Lovely Readers,

I am proud to see that my page still gets a significant amount of page views a day, while I have taken a bit of a hiatus while I finish my MBA. This means that the healthy lifestyle and eating is really taking hold and people are searching! Yayy!!

I absolutely love that I have been able to part of that impact, and I love all of you for taking your health into your own hands <3. Awwww, I'm so sweet. I mean, you're so sweet. It's not all about me... Well, it is. But lets move on.

I WILL BE POSTING AGAIN SOON! I graduate on May 18. Aka, Bonnie will now finally get back to real life. I'm sure I could have been posting all along, but it probably wouldn't have been smart. The posts would have been short with crappy pictures and blogs that read something like "COOK REAL FOOD AND EAT IT, YA MORONS". Alas, I decided to focus on school and not my blog.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am cooking A LOT more now, since I have moved in with my human food disposal of a boyfriend who eats enough for the next three of us combined. Meals have been pretty plain and simple, but very effective. So don't be surprised when you see that is the trend of recipes. Simple and effective. Period.

Meat. Veg. Fat.


Enjoy :)


Roasted Marinated Chicken

No. Not my Pecan Pie. This Paleo Genius' :)
I can't wait to try it. In 6 days.
I love roasting chicken. It's so easy. I mean, like seriously easy. This time I got a little fancy and marinated it a few hours before roasting, but the roasting itself is easy as pie. Well, maybe not that easy. Ever try making a pecan pie? It can get soupppyyy. (I feel like I should copyright that. Progressive, please don't sue me ;)


2 FOR 1!!! Parm-less Gluten Free Chicken "Parm" AND Slow Cooker Tomato Sauce Recipe

Yes, I understand that Chicken Parm should insinuate that there is Parmesan cheese smothered all over the top of this dish. And had I not been on the 21 Day Sugar Detox, there may have been. But I am, so I nixed the cheese. No big. Add it on it you want. But I think it's delish either way.


21 Day Sugar Detox

21 day sugar detox! 

So, I'm a day behind their little group thing starting, and I still have some watermelon in my fridge. And I just had some wine. And I still have to buy the book. So I'll be starting a few days, haha.

Basically, I've got a few things I'd like to manage.
#1 Sleep.
#2 Mood swings
#3 Definition.


Just Stay & Eat Veggie Dip!

Palos Verdes, CA

I'VE MISSED YOU!!! No, it's nothing you did that turned me away for so long. It's me, not you. But these things happen. Sometimes you just have to step back and recollect. Take a new look from a new angle.