My name is Bonnie Ackerman. I dreamed up The Naked Kitchen in late 2010 when I started to learn about how much my diet was affecting my life. At the time, I had recently lost about 40 pounds by strictly counting calories, NOT something I would recommend to anyone with their health in mind. I started eating grain free in August when I discovered a sensitivity to wheat gluten, and went full-bore paleo right around Christmas that year, about a month after starting CrossFit.

Fast forward to late 2013, my now husband Ian and I opened Endorphin CrossFit in Middlesex, NJ. Over the past few years I have enjoyed working with many of our members’ dietary and fitness goals (let’s be real, they are generally one in the same) and constantly get inquiries from friends and acquaintances outside of our gym walls.

When I started The Naked Kitchen in 2011, it was basically a recipe blog with some basic knowledge I had accumulated. I let it go dormant for sometime while I focused on opening the CrossFit gym, but it has now shown itself to be the perfect platform for reaching those outside of Endorphin. If you choose to purchase any of our services, you will be redirected to the Endorphin CrossFit Shop to process all payments. I am excited to help spread knowledge and open our platform to those who find value in our services.

Enjoy 😊


Disclaimer- All information on this site is subjective based on personal research and experience. Please seek a professional doctor for anything medically related as I am not a qualified physician. Reader assumes all liability for advice taken from this site.